Many Malaysia Online Casino players apply different technique to enhance their chance of winning. For instance, players use edge sorting which is those subtle differences in the pattern of the card. It means casino players go for advantaged play by observing and using irregularities on the back of the cards. They tend to use differences on the cards in order to figure out the face value of the cards. By knowing such differences, players try to convince dealers to sort the cards into high and low values. Therefore, players are in advantageous position as most cards are rotated.

Furthermore, UK government specify players to trick the croupier into rotating cards is one kind of cheating and casinos can reject to pay those winners. When the players just accidentally observe the cards, this rule cannot be applied. Therefore, Malaysia Online Casino edge sorting is not a difficult way if players have sharp eye. All players can do is to observe the print on the back of the cards.

Moreover, there are four important cards in baccarat which are 6, 7, 8 and 9. If players can make sure the first card which dealer will deal, they can decide whether bet on player or banker. Players do not need to do marking on cards, but they take advantage of flaws in the pattern of cards which are designed by certain companies. Hence, edge sorting means players turn the game into their favor without letting casino aware.

In conclusion, edge sorting is a method which Malaysia Online Casino players learn to recognize irregularities in the pattern on the back of the cards and use them to be own advantage. Then, players will convince the dealer to sort the deck so that high-value cards are facing one way and low-value cards face another way, so they know which type of card will be dealt to them.