Singapore Online Betting crap is one of the oldest casino table games. I think most of the craps players are familiar with pass or don’t pass and come or don’t come bet. However, some casinos will offer craps players “crapless craps”. This increases players’ interest toward this ancient game as it protects them from losing on each come out roll. Further, it offers players never lose on the come out roll because 2, 3 and 12 are the point numbers in crapless craps. When craps players get past the come out, rules of pass line comes in as players need to win by rolling any point numbers before a 7.

Many experienced players at crapless craps table, they tend to bet Place 6 or Place 8 bet. This is because both bets have only 1.52% which makes these two bets as the best in crapless craps. 6 is required to be rolled before a 7 when Singapore Online Betting players make bet on 6. Therefore, it sounds quite good right? Another good bet is to bet on 4 or 10 which come along with 1.6% house advantage.

On the other hand, crapless craps has higher house edge which is 5.38% instead of 1.4%. This is the main reason why players should avoid this bet even though it offers something really good. Overall, craps players still have very minor chance to win at crapless craps. Moreover, is it really potential to take losses away from happening? Besides, this bet do not offer don’t come and don’t pass bet. This is another disadvantage of this bet as these two bet will allow players to avoid unfavorable pass line bets.

In conclusion, Singapore Online Betting crapless craps put players at very disadvantageous position, but if you are players who are willing to take risk, you can try your chance for playing such bet.